Amongst our more than 1.500 references you will find for sure the design that better fits to your creation.
F.J. Montesinos manufactures metal components with decorative engravings by stamping and laminating.
Our products are specially conceived to be fitted in furniture, lightting fixtures, sanitary ware, fashion complements, hardware, funerary ware... that is, to any creation where design and distinction are essential components.
Since 1991 F. José Montesinos has the pleasure of belonging to the export consortium Base Cuatro Group, together with Metalúrgicas Arnal S.A. and Ramón Lozano S.L. This allows us and our partners to offer you one of the widest range of metal decorative components, and to be present all over the world through our agents and distributors.
Semi finished products
Our products require further operations before been incorporated to your final product. F. José Montesinos offers you the possibility of carrying out several of these processes, such us:
- Perforating
- Cutting of tube and band at a required length
- Forming bands into rings and other geometrical shapes
- Welding
- Annealing of materials
- Machining (slots, threads...)


Our installations cover an area of 3.000 square meters where we develop all the administrative and production processes under the maximum quality standards. From design to delivery, every step is carried out in F. José Montesinos factory in Paterna, Valencia.
The comercial department, which follows very closely the market trends, is the one in charge of studying carefully each and every new model.
Next step is production. F. josé Montesinos is provided with a fully equipped production department which incluides specific machinery: different power presses for stamping and forging, laminators, cut lines for banding and tubing, punchers, welders...
After that, our packing and warehousing department arranges carefully the orders to be delivered to the customer.
At last, but not least, we would like to point out that F. José Montesinos has an effective commercial and administrative department which acts as communicative link between customers and production, translating your requirements and aswering your inquiries.


Our welding department shapes all kind of band rings, tube rings ... depending of our clients needs.